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Bordeaux wines

Map of Bordeaux 

          The name Bordeaux is well known across the world, even if some have trouble locating it on the map when they do not know that it is also the name of a city. This name is a great signature for a wine merchant but under the banner “Vins de Bordeaux” are hiding many types of wine, with unique characteristics recognized by 57 appellations, some being extremely prestigious.
          Produced by over 8600 domains or châteaux, from the most esteemed to the most humble, the annual volume of the Bordeaux wines is close to 5 millions hectoliters which represent approximately 660 million bottles (1/3 is exported, 50% is sold in the large and discount retailers, the rest being purchased directly or by professional cellar shopkeepers). More than 60% of the Bordeaux wine producers directly turn their product into wine while the others are turning toward the 45 wine production cooperatives of the production area. The economic organization of the Bordeaux wines is mostly based on merchandising the volumes through certified brokers who validate the sales with various wholesale dealers.

The specificity of the Bordeaux wines

          The Bordeaux wines are characterized by a blend of many vines varieties, unlike the other French and foreign appellations. This wine production method is intended to take into account the differences between the terroir inside the region. This produces a balanced wine, smooth and elegant, without the harshness of wines produced on a unique vine variety.

The different production zones of the Bordeaux wines

          The region posses over 120 000 hectares of vine divided in different groups of appellations dispatched along both sides of the Garonne river and its the estuary la Gironde. Around Bordeaux these groups are :
 > The South West with the Graves
 > The North West with the Médoc
 > The South East with the Entre Deux Mers zone
 > The East with the St Emilion zone, Pomerol and Fronsac
 > The North East with the Côtes de Bordeaux