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Wine from Medoc

Map of  Medoc 
Médoc  |  Saint Estèphe  |  Pauillac  |  Saint Julien  |  Listrac-Médoc  |  Moulis  |  Margaux  |  Haut Médoc

     The Medoc area, situated to the west of the Gironde Estuary is divided into 8 appellations, from the North to the South, Medoc, Saint Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint Julien, Listrac-Médoc, Moulis, Margaux, Haut Médoc. These appellations are known world wide and have contributed to the reputation of the Bordeaux wines. They represented 60 out of 61 «  grands crus » of the famous ranking, established for the 1855 Universal Exhibition in Paris.These appellations are ranked into 5 level of quality, the “ Grands Crus Classés”, the “ Crus Bourgeois”, the” Crus Artisans”, the other “crus” and wine from the coperatives.

Medoc Wine : good soil and favourable climate

     The soil in the Medoc area is made up of sedimantary deposits built up over millions of years, composed of sand, gravel, stones, and pebbles, mixed into a limey clay soil.This soil type forces the vine plants to search for their ressources deep in the ground. This enables to deliver wines which are more supple, finer, more elegent at the same time maintaining a good structure.
     Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde Estuary, the strip of land (80 km long by 10 km wide) makes up the Medoc area. The climat is temperate, quite warm and humid, a lot of sunshine and regular westerly winds.and is very favourable to the growth and development of the vines.

The grapes types of the Medoc Wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon : makes up most of the Medoc wine (52% of the grape typing), It provides delicacy, structure and lasting. This grape type makes Medoc a wine that can be kept.
  • Merlot : 34 % present in Medoc wines it provides roundness and smoothness.
  •  Cabernet Franc : 10% present in Medoc wines provides flavours and and a brilliant colour.
Used much less, Petit Verdot provides lightness, freshness and a hint of violet. Malbec and Carmenère, are present to enrich the palette with scents and tastes.