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A passion for wine : Wine guide

  This website is dedicated to wine-lovers. It will build up over time and will follow your suggestions. You are welcome to send articles on wine, its making, its history, also information on the grape varieties, des informations appellations, any comments on tasting.I will quote the names of thoe who wish.
  When you click on "Wine Guide", you will get information about French, Italien and Spanish wine. I will try to itemize the different wine growing appellations, highlighing  the most representative wine from each .
If you are a wine producer, contact me if you want to advertise or provide information about your wine. The “EVENTS” page is devoted to you.


  This website is also dedicated to a Wine Cellar management Software Programme, called My Wine and Cellar. This is a free programme. You can download it and tell your friends about it. You are invited to fill in the tasting forms on the site, so everybody can share their appreciations. I intend to make a special file with all the tasting forms.

Promotions and Special Offers,on the wine made by the wine producers.

 The monthly news letter will give you information about the world of wine, the grape varieties, the wine producers, wine tasting. It will also include some special offers if you buy direct from the producer..

Why the name “MY WINE AND CELLAR” ?

Well it is always hard to find a title not already in use. I also wanted to find a name for the site as well as the software. It sounds much better in english than the translation in french.

Don't drink and drive.
The different wine mentioned in this website is not for sale here, please contact the wine producer directly. The addresses are listed on this website.